The Freshservice discovery tools scan and update Freshservice with all the software installed in the scanned devices.

Each and every software identified is not created as a configuration item to the Freshservice account. This is done to ensure that software that you may not want to track (eg. freeware) is kept out of the CMDB/Asset Management module

So to be created as a configuration item in Freshservice, the particular software needs to be added in the product catalogue. The configuration item would be created with all the information of the software like display name, asset/CI Type (of the corresponding product), Installation date, Version,Installation path, Last Audit Date.

Follow the following steps to do that. 

1. Go to Admin > Asset Management > Product Catalog. 

2. Click on New Product.

3. Enter the details of the Catalogue Item that you want to add to the product catalogue.

4. Click Save.