Your agents spend hours everyday reading through every incoming support ticket, categorizing them, setting priorities and assigning them to the right agent in your team. With the Dispatch’r in Freshservice, you can bring your business rules and support workflows into your help desk.

The Dispatch’r lets you automatically perform certain actions on a ticket based on the conditions you specify. These could include Ticket properties or Requester details or both.

For example, you could create a Dispatch’r rule that looks for incidents from requesters whose job title is 'Manager', and marks them as high priority tickets.

Quick guide for creating a Dispatch’r rule:

1. Go to the Admin console and click on Dispatch'r.

2. Click on New and select Ticket Rule.

3. Enter a name and description for the rule.

4. Specify conditions that will trigger this rule. You can add new conditions by clicking on the '+' icon and remove conditions by clicking on the corresponding '-' icon.

5. Specify whether all the conditions need to be matched or any one condition is enough to trigger the rule.

6. Add the tasks you would like this rule to perform by specifying them under Actions. You can add, delete and arrange the sequence of these actions.

7. Save the rule when done.

All the rules you create are listed on the Dispatch’r page. You can enable and disable rules using the toggle switch. You can even clone, edit and delete rules.

NOTE: The order of the Dispatch’r rules is important. For each incoming ticket, Dispatch'r will execute the first matching rule and stop. You can reorder the list of rules to have the most important rules on top. To do that, click on Reorder. Then click and drag the rules, and save the order once done.