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internal server error (500) on using API


I'm new on using freshedesk APIs.

In my first attempt to add a new ticket using 'POST' method, I receive this error every time.

For sure I'm doing something wrong.

Is there any c# sample I can attach to?


Hi Jordi, did you manage to work this out? I am having exactly the same problem...



Yes. I did.

Not in this forum though.

Take a look at:




thanks, I did come across that and have been trying to make it work with WP8 but not having much success as yet...



Hi Jodi,

 We had an Issue in ticket creation through API. Could you please check now

If its not working, Could you please share us the code at support@freshservice.com . I will ask one of the developers to look at it. 

It will be great if you could mention your account url too

Thanks and Regards

Shihab Muhammed

The main problem here is that the API gives you a 500 error with no useful information in it. It's not even JSON, it's an html page. This makes debugging API errors infuriating! 

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