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Gmail gadget

Are there plans to include a gmail gadget like the one in freskdesk?

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Hi Diogo,

 We do have plans to integrate gmail gadgets. But right now google has changed its architecture with oAuth2. So it may take some time . I am not committing any time frame

Thanks and Regards

Shihab Muhammed

So, the Gmail Gadget works now, but it only allows creating new tickets. I like to see the ability to attache an e-mail (either as a note/comment or actual attachment) to a pre-existing case, regardless of the requester. I'd also like to suggest that this and the existing Gmail Gadget features be implemented in the new Gmail Add-ons capability announced at Google Next event.

This Gmail gadget works now with that ticket,  this ability to use this ticket I get through your discuss same as I have Kindle Customer Service which now works for me to get the app download for my MAC which now perfectly works for me.

Freshdesk Gmail Gadget lets you quickly check into ticket and requestor information right from your email, and even send your replies from there. ... About Freshdesk Freshdesk is the cloud-based customer support software that helps businesses across the world deliver exceptional support. or you may also use the third party email software for that you can login Bigpond email for that and use that for free

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