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Gmail gadget

Are there plans to include a gmail gadget like the one in freskdesk?

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Hi Diogo,

 We do have plans to integrate gmail gadgets. But right now google has changed its architecture with oAuth2. So it may take some time . I am not committing any time frame

Thanks and Regards

Shihab Muhammed

So, the Gmail Gadget works now, but it only allows creating new tickets. I like to see the ability to attache an e-mail (either as a note/comment or actual attachment) to a pre-existing case, regardless of the requester. I'd also like to suggest that this and the existing Gmail Gadget features be implemented in the new Gmail Add-ons capability announced at Google Next event.

This Gmail gadget works now with that ticket,  this ability to use this ticket I get through your discuss same as I have Kindle Customer Service which now works for me to get the app download for my MAC which now perfectly works for me.

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