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Password Management

Are there any plans to have something dedicated to keeping track of usernames, passwords, logins, and other credentials.

Do assets already serve this purpose?

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Here is an example of what I would like to see. MonkeyBox is a full password management suite and while it is nice, it is very expensive. I wouldn't want to purchase something separately and then link it with FreshService, as I would rather FreshService build something into the system.

I would also like to see this feature added into FreshService.

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Hi Jon & Team

Although not in plans now, but I will surely pass it on the Team for later updates.

Our main focus is right now on Integrations and hence, this might not be taken sooner


I am using a 3rd party service now so I agree, this isn't top of mind anymore.

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Hi Vijay,

Can you tell us what integrations you're working on, and what the timeline is? We're looking to adopt a password management tool, and ideally I want one that will integrate with Freshservice.



Hi Alex,

We have already integrated with Freshbooks, LogMeIn and Jira. Integration with Dropbox, Harvest, Screenr and Google Apps is in the near road map.

Password management tool integration is in the roadmap, but I can't promise you an ETA. I will update this thread when I have an ETA.



Hey everyone,

Any movement on this feature? What is everyone using these days for password management?




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yes any update please?

What about 1Password for Teams? May be you are planning integration with 1Password?

Wouldnt mind an update on this.  its a very good idea.

Any news on this?

Has there been any movement on this feature?

I would love this feature as well!  Especially in the assets section.  Always having to remember each person's Adobe account, email passwords, etc.  Any news?

Any news on this update?

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