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Release Notes - 16th March 2021


Note: All the enhancements below are live in plans Starter and Growth. It will be available in Pro and Enterprise plans from March 31st.

Copy/Clone a Node - Configure automations faster by copying multiple nodes within a workflow.


Change Advisory Board (CAB) members as a lookup in custom objects: 
Send emails and approval emails to respective CABs without the need of configuring separate nodes for each team.



Custom Headers for Webhooks: Enrich the payload sent from Freshservice to 3rd party applications with custom headers to include additional info such as authentication parameters required by the 3rd party.


Workflow Reader Node to Read from Assets common fields:
Use the Reader node to read from standard Freshservice Objects, starting with Assets. If you've got a lookup to Assets configured on your form, you can now read additional details about that asset and send approvals, assign tickets to the Asset Managers and so on


 Time Zone and Language user settings moved to Freshworks profile:  The Language and Time Zone settings for individual agents and requesters have been moved to their  Freshworks Organization user profiles. Only Organisation admins and the profile owners themselves can modify these attributes going forward.

Note: Freshworks profile enhancements will be live for all accounts on March 31st.

New integrations for Alert Management System - Integrate Freshservice with Google Cloud Monitoring and Azure Monitor to track, monitor, and resolve alerts in Freshservice.


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