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Inventory - Adding inline images and other inventory enhancements

Hi, I have a few feature requests for the inventory in FreshService. I was beginning to move all of our documentation of configurations of various IT systems into our inventory in FreshService, but I've noticed some pretty serious limitations, which is giving me pause and making me reconsider whether FreshService is really where we want to store our IT documentation.


 1. Add controls for changing text size and inserting tables into the 'Description' field of an inventory item:

  ○ I can copy and paste different sized text and tables from another application into the description field, but there are no controls to do those two things directly from within editing an inventory item in FreshService.

 2. Increase height of description field in edit mode:

  ○ When editing an inventory item, the description field is a fixed, short height, only showing about 6 lines of text. Because this is the only field that allows for tables and formatted text, this is where the bulk of any lengthy detailed documentation needs to live, and only being able to see 6 lines of text at a time makes editing extremely difficult. This should be changed to a resizable height or at least a fixed height that's 3 or 4 times the size.

 3. Add the ability to paste inline images into the 'Description' field (preferably custom fields, too) of an inventory item:

  ○ A lot of our documentation includes screenshots of configurations of various systems. Attaching each one of these images as a separate file to the inventory configuration item basically makes FreshService unusable from a practical sense for our documentation. I've considered using the Knowledge Base for this, but then you don't have the ability to create bidirectional links between items and create discrete fields based on asset type etc. I've also considered using a combination; placing links to KB articles within inventory items, but then we have to update things in two places and I know this will get messy and not work out well over time.

 4. Add rich text input for custom fields"

  ○ The only form field in the inventory that seems to allow for rich text formatting is the default 'Description' field.  There really should be custom fields that allow for rich text, inline images, tables, etc.  This would be nice to have, but I think I could make due with using the default description field for these things if those things were available there.


I really do like a lot of aspects of FreshService, but I think these items should be made a priority to the development team and rolled out. These are basic and crucial features for a usable IT inventory and I expected/assumed that these abilities existed when I moved forward with selecting FreshService earlier this year to deploy to our organization. I'm pretty disappointed and frustrated at this point; I really want to use FreshService for all of our IT documentation, but these current limitations are so severe that I don't think I can. However, I'm somewhat optimistic because these features seem relatively simple to implement, so I'm hopeful that someone with decision making power at FreshService sees this and understands just how important these simple improvements are to the product and Fresh's customers.

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