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Auto-save for kbase

The autosave feature on helpdesk tickets is a lifesaver and we would love if this feature could be made available in the knowledgebase editor. Given the knowledgebase editor's current state, when authoring knowledgebase content users bear increased cognitive load in having to remember to manually and regularly hit "Save." Doing so frequently interrupts writing flow, and even for the most conscientious user it's all too easy to lose significant amounts of time and authored content in any of a number of scenarios, including:

  • When the user's browser experiences an error and automatically reloads the page
  • When the user accidentally hits the refresh button while on the page, clicks on a link within the article which hasn't been manually set to open in a new tab rather than the same tab, or mistakenly clicks on "Cancel" instead of "Save" in the process of updating

Current workarounds which require increased time and effort include:

  • Typing drafts in a text editor that does offer autosave and formatting the draft once pasted into the knowledgebase editor
  • Typing drafts in a code editor in HTML so that formatting is retained when pasted into the knowledgebase editor
  • Typing drafts in the knowledgebase editor but regularly copying/pasting the HTML into a code editor in order to have a backup

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