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How do people create Reports?


I am trying to start building out useful detailed reports not high level pretty graphs and really, really struggling.  Here are some examples (please don't get hung up on specifics, there are loads of reports that I need).

So for example I want to check the Quality of ALL changes so I want a report:

Filter By Standard Change:

Created By | Roll Out Plan | Back Out Plan | Testing Plan | Approved By

Then export that into Excel or something so I can quickly scan all changes to ensure the quality of information.

Or how about an Asset report:

Asset Type = Laptop

Fields to Get:

Product | Cost | Asset State | Serial Number | Used By | Location | Memory | CPU 
Then I can quickly see who has what, where it is and forecast how many new laptops i need to buy next year.

FreshService has all the data that I need but I just don't seem to be able to get at it.

Also the guides are no help at all from the ones I've seen..

Any suggestions? 

Hi Iain,

Thank you for reaching out to us via the forums. Such a report can be set up easily in Analytics. You can follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Please click on “Analytics” → New Report → Give a Name for the Report


Step 2: In the whiteboard, select the “Templates” tab and select the “Edit” icon to navigate inside the widget.


Step 3 : Please click on the “Filter” Tab. You can additional filters by clicking on “+ Filter” :

Step 4 : After applying the filters, you will find “Graphical Data” and “Underlying Data” . Expand the underlying data wherein you need to select the columns required.


Step 5 : You can give a name to this widget and then save it at the top left of the screen. 


Step 6: Then you can export the tabular data in CSV format


Similarly you can set up Asset Reports. If you need more assistance please drop us  an email at support@freshservice.com and we can assist you. Cheers!

Team Freshservice

Thanks For This Guide I also want to know this .

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