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Escalating an issue within support@freshservice

we have an open ticket since 7 weeks... without an solution. didn‘t get an update to the ticket. so, a new ticket to the customer feedback was opened, they said „...we check and come back to you...“ and now, they have closed the ticket after 3 days. WITHOUT ANY INFORMATION! this is how freshservice serving paying customers...
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Hi Johannes,

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the time to taken to resolve your query. We had a discussion with our development team on the issue and this is taken up as a bug on the API v1 and we have shared more details about the bug and alternative approach to solve for this on the support ticket.

Also, to let you know on the ticket closure miscommunication, the second ticket was merged with the primary ticket to track the issue and hence the confusion about closure.

We once again apologise for the time delay on getting back to you with updates on the support ticket.


Team Freshservice

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