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Supercharge your Workflows with Custom Objects

With organizations constantly changing and growing, it’s important to ensure that processes are created with increased durability. Custom objects in Freshservice allow you to create your own entities and to store and maintain information within it . Today, you can reference the information stored in a Custom object within you workflow automations that will help:-

  1. Eliminate the need to Hardcode Values inside the Automator for Approvals, notifications etc.. by simply referencing them from the custom object.

  2. Drastically Reduce the complexity of the workflow by abstracting these Workflow Configurations within a Custom Object

  3. Store and reference additional information about both entities in Freshservice (Locations, Groups that do not have custom fields) and/or entities outside of Freshservice (Department- AD Group Mappings).

What's Available Today:

  • Create, Update and Delete records for a Custom Object 

  • Read and reference the records from a Custom Object in your workflows using the new Reader node

  • Create more dynamic and durable Workflows by referencing the output of a Reader node in subsequent Conditions, Actions, and Placeholders.

Get started with these articles:

Video and Screengrabs below:-

Custom Objects - Freshservice


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Very excited for this. Are there plans to be able to look up custom object fields in Ticket forms and Service Catalogue?

For example i need a drop down field added to every service catalogue item, which would need to have the same information in there every time. I would like this to be a custom object that i would i update i one place, rather than in every single item in the catalogue. 

nice feature. but there is only one ( is ) comparison operator. we need at least one more to compare more than the eqaul value. so please add "contains"

@Joanne Yes, we do have plans. Today, as a start, you can reference a custom object in automations which has its own value drivers. But the larger plan is to open this out to be referenceable on Forms via Lookup fields and via Public APIs. Since we just rolled out the first iteration of this feature we don't have an ETA on these asks just yet.

@Johannes As this is the first iteration, we are limited to the IS operator in the Reader node. May i know your use case for having the contains operator?

I understood the basic idea of ​​custom objects to mean that workflows can be massively shortened and that it is no longer necessary to maintain content in this workflows. We get > 80% of our mail tickets with content that is somewhere in the text, but not ONLY this, but also other words. With "Contains" condition we could shorten many more workflows.

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