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I need to Change/Update Details

I need to Change/Update Details a, When creating a ticket the Service Desk agents are not required to assign an Agent name to the ticket. I would like for the ‘Group’ and ‘Agent’ fields, which could be mandatory. Not having this set is currently opening us up to having orphaned tickets that are unassigned which is clearly deeply undesirable. This is also likely to be affecting other departments as the Helpdesk team can only see around 120 unassigned tickets where as an admin I can see around 230 or so I believe in this status. (Let me know how this could be done) b. I mandate ‘Closure Code’, ‘Closure Cause’ and ‘Closure Detail’ on the occasion that the agent selects Resolved at ticket creation as this is currently not the case. The alternative that was suggested is that this field is not displayed but that ‘Resolve’ and ‘Closed’ is not displayed at ticket creation. However, I fear that this second option will not be possible within the FreshService platform. (Let me know if this is possible)c. There are fields that are not relevant to the Service Desk that appear in new Incident tickets such as ‘Pay Group’, ‘Payroll pay period’, ‘Agent assigned before resolution/closure’. These are fields that are not relevant to the Service Desk, can I hide them for IT as they all appear to be Operations based and not relevant.


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