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Non-agent e-mail replies creates new tickets

We have a situation where a supervisor is CC'ed on a specific agents tickets (The CC is setup outside of helpdesk in our O365 settings). Occasionally he needs to be able to respond to the tickets but whenever he does it creates a new ticket because the response is coming from a e-mail address other than the agents. 

I know this can be resolved by setting up the supervisor as an agent but that's expensive for someone that never logs into the help desk and just occasionally responds to tickets via e-mail. 

I feel like this is something that could easily be resolved, especially using Automator but the functionality just isn't there. In my mind when a reply is sent the helpdesk should be able to look in the subject line for the incident number and append the reply to an existing ticket instead of creating a new one. 

I know I'm not the only one having this issue. We pay a lot for FreshService and I think it's ridiculous that the only option to fix this is to pay even more!

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Hi Tim,

Ideally the email should get appended to the original ticket if the below conditions are satisfied in your case:

  1. Ticket ID is mentioned in the desired format in the Email Subject: [#INC-234]

  2. Sender of the Email is added in CC of the Ticket

Let us create a support ticket for you so we can look into this issue further. We shall reach out to you via email for more details.

Team Freshservice

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