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Canned Responses and Solutions

The new canned response format is terrible. Am unnecessary extra step was recently added that makes the process aggravating. We now have to click more times in order to insert canned responses or solutions. Please get your act together freshservice. Thanks!

I concur!

Hello all,

We are sorry to hear this but this isn't the case. We've just moved the pop-up to side-pane. It shouldn't increase the number of clicks. This was done to make the design scale to future ML-based Canned response and solution article suggestions that we're working on.

Also please note that it's not necessary to view the canned response and then have them inserted, you could just look at the title to add them directly. Just hover over the canned response and a plus icon will be displayed against each template. You can simply click on the required one to have them added, instead of clicking and viewing the canned response and then inserting them.


We hope that helps. Cheers!




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