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Automating File share access request approval

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the correct place for this or not, apologies if not.

Is there any way to automate access requests for file shares/ shared mailboxes etc?

We are looking for a way to have a dynamic list of available file shares, mailboxes etc, which the user can request through the portal.

There would then be a workflow to send an approval request out, depending on which share the approver will vary, and depending on the result of the approval it will either be passed to the correct queue for fulfilment, or rejected and the requester emailed.

I'm fine with the 2nd half of this, the automating rejection or approval, but struggling to get the first working dynamically.

For example I understand we could do a workflow for each request, based on share name, but then we would need to add a new one each time we create a new share.

So I am looking for a way for Freshservice to read a file with a list of shares, or ideally browse the server, and assign an approver to it based on which resource it is, maybe by a manual update of the list of shares.

So to summarize, user goes to the portal, selects file access, drop down list shows all available shares, they pick the one they need. Freshservice logs a ticket, sends an approval request out to the person responsible for that share, and then once it is approved or rejected a ticket is passed to the correct queue, or closed. And the only input needed to add new shares is to update a text file somewhere maybe?

Is this possible?

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