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Supervisor Rules based on Business Hours

Hey everyone, we finally got around to doing this! You will now be able to run supervisor rules based on business hours, which means that time based conditions such as 'Hours since Pending/Resolved..etc' can now exclude weekends and holidays from the calculation if configured.

Here are a few callouts when using this:

  • Rules based on Business Hours can only be used with "Match All Conditions"

  • The operators for Time based conditions such as Hours Since Pending/ Resolved..etc are restricted to Greater than and Less than

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This is a good start. Although since business days can differ significantly day by day, it would be good if we could have 'Business days since..." etc.

This absolutely wonderful! Thank you!

Hi, we (and i'm sure many other organisations) have multiple Business Hours configured within Freshservice. 

Which Business Hours are chosen when using them in Supervisor Rules? At present, it doesn't allow you to choose manually.

This unfortunately means we're currently unable to make use of the update.


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