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Error: you have been restricted from accessing this helpdesk page

I have this error in te add new ticket in mi helpdesk

17 people have this problem

 I also have users getting this error.


We have the same problem. Customers can not open a new ticket by logging in to his account. But he can open a new ticket by email. 

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If you'll put in a support ticket with Fresh Desk they can fix it for you.  I believe it has something to do with the spam settings on your account.  Took them about 5 minutes to fix it on mine.  It's not something we can do on our end.

Getting this problem again, last time fresh desk support added out account to a whitelist because of something to do with spam. We have had 24 days of up time since this and are now experiencing it again. Anything we can do to fix this permanently freshdesk?

The problem is still exist. I am not able to open a Fresh Desk support ticket because I am using a free version. But open tick is a basic feature, is there othe way to fix this problem? 

Lo sentimos. Se le ha restringido el acceso a esta página del servicio de asistencia. Tengo este mismo problema 

Hi Freshdesk support. 

Please help us to address this issue for our account ambedded.freshdesk.com. Thank you.

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