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Resolution Codes

Wondering how anyone else using Freshservice has implemented the process for resolution codesFor example, we use all 3 layers of the category/sub-category/item.

  1. Desktop
  2. Application
  3. Account Update
  4. Resolution code

We had to break down with Desktop (its own group) because we also have another team (POS) who also have their own set of categories.

When investigating trends we are looking for items that stand out and without the resolution code, it's a matter of investigating ticket by ticket to find out what the actual issue is.  When you have over 1000 tickets to investigate, it's time-consuming.

The rep advised us to remove the Desktop and that would allow us to enter the resolution code but I'm hesitating because the change will impact historical (categories) which mean blanks and back to square one.

ServiceNow has the option to enter a resolution code based on the category selected, see the screenshot below.  Adding this feature would help us to quickly identify trends.


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