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[Coming Soon] Orchestration Center- BETA


With the Orchestration Center you will be able to seamlessly automate end-end processes that require actions in 3rd party applications such as IAM apps (Azure AD, Okta) , Collaboration apps (Slack) , Cloud Infra apps (AWS EC2) to name a few.  

What's available in the BETA:

  • Orchestration Apps : These are a special category of applications whose actions can be invoked within the Freshservice workflow automator. The apps supported for the beta include

    • Azure AD - Manage Users, Groups, Applications and other Objects
    • GSuite- Manage Users, Groups and Roles 
    • Okta -  Manage Users, Groups, Applications and other Objects 
    • AWS EC2 - Manage Instances, Security Groups, VPCs and more
    • Slack - Manage Users, Channels and Messaging
    • Zoom -Manage Meetings, Users, Groups and Roles
  • App Node in Workflows:  Use the new App Node to invoke the actions for the apps above.
  • Context Aware Workflows: Advanced automation use cases demand that workflows become context aware, which means the outputs of one action can be passed on and referenced as inputs in other conditions and action nodes.
  • Workflow Execution Logs: To track, debug and audit executions of workflows from start to finish. Today, only app actions will be logged. Support for other nodes will follow in future iterations.

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Looks great Vishal!

I can't seem to access the signup form, it's only viewable by members of the organisation. 

Also, will this also work for MSP mode when managing multiple Azure AD tenants?

Please add our instance to the beta the form is currently restricted to only @fFreshWorks submissions 
This looks amazing and will automate so many tasks within out Business

Looks promising! Especially the logs! This will lower the pressure on the support for sure.

Will the system be enhanced so that it can consume and use the response body for a webhook? Like it happens with this example?


Ticket is made > Call a webhook [webhook returns data] > Automator consumes the result of the webhook

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The beta sign up form isn't working. You get the following error.

You need permission


This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization.

Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake. Learn More.

Apologies, I've rectified this and made it available to everyone.

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@Niels Thank you! Yes this will work on MSP mode and across multiple tenants too. You can configure these when installing the app and specify the specific tenant the action needs to be performed on when configuring the App node in the workflow.

@Lyle We're glad you think this will deliver value!

@Gerben yes, the logs are crucial especially when 3rd parties are involved. We are actively thinking about supporting parsing the response of a webhook too for integrations that we don't support out of the box, the mechanics of it are still being worked out.

What pricing plan will you have to be on to get this feature?

@Nathan - This will be available for all plans. 

If there's a uservoice to fill in for the webhook parser, then count me in! That'd create less traffic and more overall simplicity. 

And availability for all plans is a real plus to go with, thank you.

Is there an ETA of When the new improvements will be available for Beta?

Do you have an ETA on when the Beta Access will be granted and we can see the new features?

Hey @all

We'll be incorporating some of the early feedback we've received as a part of orchestration beta and it will be available for beta in another couple of weeks.

Please follow this thread for any updates, and we'll keep you posted once we've enabled beta.

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