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Asset Activities - Revamp to capture all changes made to an asset

The asset activities captures changes to only a few default attributes at the moment. This makes it hard to keep track of the assignment or details of the asset through the lifecycle of assets.

We are revamping the Asset activity tracking to capture all changes made to assets throughout the lifecycle of the assets. The initial roll out will include,

  • All changes to the asset properties (default and custom fields) by the user, discovery tools and any workflows
  • Logs of any Ticket/Problem/Change/Release/Projects associated to the Asset

Here's a preview of the details that will be captured in the Activities section once the revamp is compeled.

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That's great, but are there any plans to capture additional information? Particularly with regards to compliance it would be great to see BitLocker and Windows Updates history - and/or at be able to define custom WMI queries from the agent.

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Thanks for the inputs, @Jørn-Morten Innselset. At the moment, we don't plan to pull in the additional information you've highlighted or allow modifying the queries in the agent. I'll add this to the consideration set for the next version of the Agent.

Please don't add what Jørn-Morten, you already have enough features that are far from completed. Please finish the unfinished before starting new stuff.

Hi Gerben, Do you have any specific feedback wrt to asset activity tracking or the discovery agent that you'd like to highlight?

Gerben, while your needs may be different the Asset Management module is not «complete» from my end until these features are added.

Jorg, you seem to be asking for a monitoring tool, which FreshService isn't. In my opinion your request would open the doors to many more possible new features. Of course you only want BitLocker and Windows Updates. I fear that the focus on the current running features might get lost.

Does this include the ability to see the webrequest that is built by the Automator for webhooks, it would be nice to be able to debug those.

Will this include the ability to associate an asset through workflow automator?

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Agree with Jørn...Bitlocker (or a field for Azure Resource Key) and WinUpdate would be great!

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