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Who doesn’t love a $25 gift and a good laugh?


It’s almost Sysadmin Day and it’s time to play.

When the sysadmins are not busy fighting off security threats or enabling employees to be productive, they love to have a good laugh with memes. 

Starting today, let’s pay tribute to our Sysadmins with the meme contest. 

Get ready to enter the world where one of the funniest facets of the broad Internet merges with our Sysadmin universe.

How to win*? 

  • Take a look at the featured template.

  • Think about your work

  • Now make the template into a funny/quirky meme 

  • Stand a chance to win an Amazon gift voucher worth $25

We will select a winner for every meme template that we post here. 

Let the captions begin!


cap -tech- you guys even know what your doing really

-manager- we are going back to xp

cap tech - you are going to regret this

manager-  if you like we can got back to vista

cap tech - so angry 


who never?

(242 KB)

I want to use my personal laptop at the office.

Your what?

My MacBook.


*Bring your own device squad enters*

(I'm MacBook user as

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its all about job is happening now a day in India 

(275 KB)


Last minute design or requirement changes lol.


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