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Service Request Tags/Keywords

 It would be nice to have the ability to have tags or keywords on service requests. Use case:

We utilize Sharepoint pages. We have multiple pages that different user's would go to. Our service request is set up for a simple "content addition" for the Intranet. Instead of listing every page, option, change, deletion, and addition that could be completed in the request description, tags would allow us to still add those options to the service request and make them searchable opposed to having a long request description that users probably wouldn't read all of the way through.

Use case two:

A user doesn't know the model of laptop they want to request, they just want to request a laptop. Our service requests and descriptions only list the manufacturer and model of the laptop. If they search laptop, no results are returned unless we have laptop specifically listed in the description or subject.

Tags would allow us to have searches pull multiple items that would be offered at that point. Tags would allow us to use the vernacular that we are used to using but also adding the search options that users are going to search for without making long descriptions that users seem to not read.

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