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Expand the SLA targets

Your SLA policy is too limited. We have 9 levels in our our ITIL agreement with the business. Can we get this expanded?

And no, we cannot do this with different SLAs for different groups. We have one group: IT.

Our SLA runs as:

Urgent: Work on this until fixed

SL1: 1 day

SL2: 2 days

SL3: 3 days

SL4: 5 days

SL5: 2 weeks

SL6: 1 month

SL7: 2 months

SL8: 6 months

We use the first 7 (Urgent to SL6) quite a bit, SL7 sometimes and SL8 rarely.

How can we account for this type of SLA in your system?

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