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Analytics Improvements

It would be great if the Analytics module provided the following functionality:

  • When a report is exported, give option to use page tab headings as section headings in PDF.
  • Provide ability to clone an entire page.
  • Provide ability to change colours of graphs.
  • Provide ability to resize legend.
  • Allow sharing of reports with specific or multiple groups.

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In addition, the following

  • Resize the widget smaller than 2x2. This forces text widgets to take up 2 rows unnecessarily.
  • Remove the padding around the chart type Text. It causes the text to shrink to much or wastes too much space, when a 1x1, 2x1, or 1x2 box will work. See the image.

  • Show count at the top of grouped bar, grouped horizontal bar, and stacked bar like the bar and horizontal bar charts do

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+1 on this request: Allow sharing of reports with specific or multiple groups.

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