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Add Tablular information to Service Request form

We are starting to add HR into Freshervice, and looking to digitize their processes and forms. There are several of the forms that require information to be entered in a table format, such as existing Roster (below screenshot). Is there a way / suggestion on how best to achieve this?

I don't particularly feel like creating each day/row as a field, as it will be a lot of fields, and not look great. Is there an option to add a free text table to a SR?


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Hi Martin,

Hope you’re doing great and staying safe!

We currently do not support appending tabular contents onto a Service Request field. 

However, I would suggest you could use an attachment to upload an excel directly onto the Service Request which you are trying to raise itself.

If this is not feasible, could you also help to elaborate more on the use of the Tabular Content in the Service Requests? Does the tabular content contain details of additional requests that need to be filled along? If this is the case, we would definitely recommend the use of “Service Bundle” where you could let the end-users fill all forms at one-go which raises a “Service Request with Additional Items” .

Hope this helps. Feel free to revert for any further questions and we would be happy to answer them. 

Warm Regards,

Pranav B

Hi Pranav

I was trying to stay away from using attachments, as was hoping to keep all information and process in one place.

I guess the initial requirement was to make the form look more like the current paper form, whereas currently all SRs are just a long list of fields. It would be great to even have fields able to be side by side to save on screen real estate also.

For now, I have re-created the table in the below format:



Hi Martin,

Thanks for the further explanation and inputs. We definitely understand your concern on having a native tabular fields to fill up which would be really suitable for you. 

We have taken this up internally as a Feature Enhancement with our Product Management team and we will keep the thread posted on further updates. 

Appreciate your kind patience. 

Warm Regards,

Pranav B

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