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Freshservice Andriod App Connection Problem


Today I started my day discovering that there wasn´t conenection with my Android app. I tested with other phone and computer if there was internet connection and yes, it was, and test with another apps in my phone if they wroked with the internet connection and yes, they worked. I disconected my phone from the wifi network and again, all the apps had internet acces but Freshservice App didn´t. I uninstall and reainstall the app, and restart the phone several times and nothing. I always get the message "Please check your internet connection".

Is there a problem with the chanel related with the app? I logged in toy my aacount without any problem...

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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I just got the same problem, our users can't access Freshservice Application from their Android Phone but it works fine on the iPhone. 

It just happened today, is there any application problem running on Android OS?

Thank you.

My team is having the same problem. The iOS version works fine, but they Android version keeps throwing connection errors.

There's an update in the Android OS and Freshservice Apps today, after applying the update, the Freshservice apps become normal again.


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