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Probe Cisco Routers and Switches

Has anyone encountered issues when trying to scan an IP range for Cisco network devices?  I have confirmed by SNMP v3 creds and the range, and what comes back is incomplete.  Is there configuration on the Cisco device side that needs to be done to allow it to pull the correct info?  Seems like the agents work great but the probe is lacking...

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Hi Chris,

We hope we were able to assist you with your query on the support ticket.

As you know, the latest version of Probe (v4.3.0) supports scanning of network devices with SNMP V3 credentials. Here is a quick guide on how to scan SNMP v3 devices:

You will have to fill the additional SNMP V3 Parameters in Probe as shown in the image below:


Definitions of the V3 parameters are below:

User Name - Mandatory field, user name configured in the SNMP device.

Context Name - This is an optional parameter.  An SNMP context name or "context" in short, is a collection of management information accessible by an SNMP entity.

Security Level - Select the security level configured for SNMP devices from the drop-down list.


  **NoAuthNoPriv - Here no Authentication digest and Privacy(Encryption/Decryption) is needed.

   **AuthNoPriv - Requires Authentication digest.  Probe supports MD5 and SHA algorithms. You will have to provide the                      Authentication Password(Auth Password) configured in the SNMP device.  

   **AuthPriv -Probe also supports encryption/decryption algorithms that will encrypt and decrypt the datum sent/received between the probe and SNMP agent. Probe supports DES, Triple DES, AES-128, AES-192, and AES-256 algorithms. This option also requires an encryption password (Priv Password) configured in the SNMP device.

In the devices.csv file that can be found in the probe folder, add the OID of the device and specify the correct device type. During the next scan, all the devices with the OID specified in the device.csv file will be updated in the correct location in Freshservice automatically.



Team Freshservice

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