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Slack ServiceBot Feedback

Firstly, great job on ServiceBot. I think it's quite good and has potential to become even better. I didn't come across a post on the forum for ServiceBot yet so I'm just creating one here. Feel free to move/merge/etc if required.

One suggestion I have is the ability to setup the Bot to post updates into a specific channel that only relate to a certain type of service request. As an example, I would like all our commercial approval tickets to go into a dedicated channel.Would be good to say if the service request is of type X, Y, Z...then post here. Otherwise you could do it based on the ticket category.

A bug I've seen is that on the home section when viewing the Bot in Slack, it's showing a whole bunch of tickets that aren't relevant to me. As an Admin, I can see all tickets so I suspect this is causing issues with it. It would be good if I could select the Saved Search here in Slack so I can pick the types of tickets I can see in the Bot home.

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I second the Saved Search ability. The "New & My Open Tickets" is not a very useful search, at least in our environment, so I would love to be able to either set one Saved Search or have the ability to switch back and forth!

Hi. Thank you for trying out our new ServiceBot Slack integration and glad to know that you are seeing its benefits and also helping us with your feedback.

We have thought about the integration as a way to enhance collaboration across teams. And the app makes that possible through group-channel configurations. While we understand that the ability to send tickets selectively is really helpful, we will try and see how we can accommodate this in our future roadmap.

The "New and open tickets" in the home tab is similar to the filter that you currently have in your Freshservice account. It fetches all the new and open tickets in your helpdesk. We will be planning to add more customisable filters in the future versions.

We will keep the thread updated about any of the enhancements mentioned above. 

Bug: When I click the link to view a ticket from Slack, it always fails. We authenticate via SSO and once you've successfully logged in, it will take you to your main dashboard. Even when you click the link again after logging in via SSO, it will repeat the same process and take you to the dashboard again.

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Leigh, we are having the same issue and I have a ticket in with Freshworks. Our main issue is we use a CNAME (instead of The developers are working on a possible fix in the future. 

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Awesome! Yeah we use a CNAME for our setup as well.

Thanks for sharing.

 Is there an ETA on getting a resolution for this? We will be using CNAME for our setup, and are intending on funnelling all notifications via Slack, not email.

wow, did not expected this problem as we are just going to create CNAMEs for branded URLs

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Yeah there's been radio silence since they forced all users onto the new Slack bot. I would avoid the CNAME if possible until they fix this issue.

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