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Hello. Is there a way to turn off the View More option in Service Request forms? It is impeding communication with the customer. It is more effective to not hide descriptive information and make the information accessible and easier for the customer to read. (In other words, many overlook the "View More", don't receive the information. Why hide it?

Hi Donna,

We can help you remove the ‘View More’ option from the service item forms in the requester portal such that the description is expanded by default as you require. This can be done via Portal Customization feature which is available in Estate and Forest plan.

Here is how you can disable the ‘View More’ toggle:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin >> Helpdesk Rebranding >> Customize Portal Layout & pages >> Portal Layout

Step 2: Paste the below code snippet at the bottom of the Page Layout section and click on Save and Publish

jQuery('a:contains(View more)').click()
}, 800);


We hope this helps.



PERFECT! This made our day. Thank you so much!

Be well, be safe.


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