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More formating options

We have been using freshservice for about a month now. Love the product. 

But it really needs more formating options. 

These are the most requested from my department:

  • More levels in lists: The ability to make levels in lists, ether via TAP or a button. 
  • Check list: The ability to create a checklist in a private note, reply or template. 
  • Tables: The ablility to add a tables to a reply or note.

It's not much, but it would make everything way easier. 

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Agreed. Using tab to indent, especially in ordered and unordered lists is high on my list. This is possible on articles, but not ticket replies. However, the ordered lists on articles work a little funny. When you do an indent below a numeral, it should go to a letter, not another numeral. You can manually correct this, but it should be that way by default. Otherwise you have to do it again every time you indent.

Can you please make the ticket editor more like the article one? Seems like you already have the code ,you just need to implement it in other parts of your product.

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Couldn't agree more. We need a more robust text editor throughout freshservice! Documentation is key to successful customer service!


Completely agree with the request. We are looking into bringing in better text editors across the product.

This is still in early planning phase and I don't have a timeline for this yet. I shall update this thread once we do.



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