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Requested change in the usage of multiple department assignments

We use Okta as our SSO identity provider.   As part of that configuration, a requester's home department in Freshservice is overwritten from data in Active Directory each time the user logs on.  This is required to support departmental transfers within the company.

We can add additional departments to the user's FS profile (to allow them to see tickets from multiple departments) but this is 'undone' the next time the user logs on.

Would it be possible to have separate fields for 'home department' and for 'additional departments' on the profile so that we can allow the user to see tickets from multiple departments but also allowing their 'home department' to be updated automatically when a departmental transfer occurs?

Hey Jerry,

We don't have this feature on our roadmap at the moment, but we've made a note of your use case, and we'll consider adding this feature in the future. Thanks for your feedback!

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