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Report with "Created By"

 Top o' the day,

We are very new with the FreshService suite and still trying to get everything setup right.  Currently, we are running great, but I'd like to see some stats and I can't seem to find wheat I want to do.  I can pull reports by requester, agent, source and so on, but I don't see how to do a report based on "Created By".

Most of the requests right now are put in by our IT staff putting them in for users, for the requesters.  What I'd like to see is how many tickets were created and by whom.  In theory, the longer we go, the shift will go from the IT Staff as creators to the individual users.  I just want a list of how many tickets were created by which userID.  Just two columns.

Can anyone point me in the proper direction to do this?

Many thanks in advance,

Bill Danforth

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Hi Bill,

I hope you’ll be glad to hear that this is already on our roadmap and we shall keep you posted once the enhancement has been deployed. I’ll move this topic to our Feature management queue for wider visibility.

Best Regards,

Team Freshservice

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