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Group Automations - Assign to group instead of emailing

Good day all,

In the Agent Groups there is an option at the bottom for Group Automation that will send an escalation email to a specific agent.  This is a great feature, but if that agent is out of the office or something, nobody else is aware.

It would be great if there could also be an ability to automatically reassign the ticket to another group.  This way, the email will go to the new group and they will be able to act on it.

We are a small shop and for ticket awareness, I have created an "Escalation Group" so that when our two desktop techs are really busy, we can move the tickets there and others can work on them.  We only have the two "Members" in the desktop group and the rest of us are observers.  This is so that we can have the auto assignment feature turned on and the tickets will only go to them.

I hope I made sense with all the above.

Have a great day and many thanks,

Bill Danforth

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This would be a great feature!

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