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Freshdesk App Iparam Issue!

Hey There,
I'm new to this community. I'm developing a freshdesk app. However, I'm facing a weird problem. I'm calling an API inside my freshdesk app. when I use the API credentials directly inside the code it's working. But when I pass them through the iparams.json and call them inside my code <%= iparam.client_id %> the app starts to show the output data as null. When I tried to fetch all of them out of the iparams using client.iparams.get().then(function(data){...}); it give me error like this "Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'get' of undefined at initGetIparams". And this initGetIparams is a function I've written inside the app.initiated() since it will get all the api keys, field ids and so on. The current output is like this:


I hope you guys can give me a better solution on this matter. Thanks again. :) 

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Hi Shamsuzzaman Sadi,

We have moved to the newer forum where there is dedicated team and community to help you out. Can you please visit - and post your question there?

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