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Freshdesk not registering incoming email (gmail)

I've seen a few threads on this, but haven't found a resolution.  I want to try out FreshDesk and just set everything up.  I followed the steps to setup email forwarding and after adding the FD support email, an email was registered as a ticket on my FD dashboard to confirm the email forwarding.  So at this point, the email forwarding was setup and confirmed.  I thought I was good to go, but then realized support emails werent coming through.  They are hitting my GSuite inbox, support@[domain].com, but aren't being registered in FD as tickets.  I tried then adding a personal gmail account to see if forwarding for that, and it was successful.  So, my conclusion here is that the email is getting to FD but they're not registering as tickets.  What gives?

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When sending an email to our configured support email address ( it is not creating a ticket in Fresh Desk. The email address has been verified.

I see this issue in many threads, yet no answer how to fix this. We miss several orders because of this, which is not good for business. 

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