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Allow toggle for showing "Request for someone else" in Service Requests

Top o' the day,

If there isn't a way to do it, it would be really nice to be able to toggle whether or not "Request for someone else" checkbox is shown for Service Requests.

I am running in to a problem where people (even my teammates) are checking this and entering email addresses that don't match the users and they are getting an email to create a new account.  This is causing confusion with the users.  (Imagina that, eh?)  No matter how many times I explain how the tickets should be created, it isn't helping.  (I know, silly me for thinking people listen to me or read my emails)

I'm sorry if a way already exists to do this.  If so, can someone point me in the direction?

Many thanks in advance,

Bill Danforth

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This would definitely be a nice feature.  There are some catalog items that we require the user to request on their own behalf because of the nature of the details.

Related, it would be nice to access information about the requestee if the entered email matches a user in freshservice (like the user's manager, location, etc).

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