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Is anyone using custom workflow actions to to trigger events in Freshservice

One of the big gaps in Freshservice is the workflow automator's missing capability to use the variables from a form as the input for another action.  

For example

Lets say the category of a submited ticket is iphone.  I want to use the category as the input to assign the group.  Currently I have to build an if then else statement in the workflow automator.  

I believe that using a custom Workflow action I could have it display all the groups I have, then search for the value matching category, get the ID of that group, and assign the group ID to the ticket.

I had not thought before about using the API to get around some of the limitations in the system.  Is anyone currently using the API from the Workflow automator to trigger actions in Freshservice itself.

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...massively interested in this topic. follow up

Hey Patrick, have you tried the Trigger Webhook action in the workflow automator.

This allows you to use form fields as inputs to invoke the Freshservice API. 

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