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Release Notes - 21 February 2020

Product Enhancements: 

  • CAB Huddle: The one stop  for change agents to prioritize changes and effortlessly execute CAB meetings. They can also present and approve changes right away. Know more

  • Asset Automations: Users can now increase efficiency and save time on repetitive tasks across the asset lifecycle. Know more

  • Locations: Users can now bulk import asset locations within Freshservice. Know more

  • Software API V2: Users can now perform the following list of API actions for a software 

           - Create, update, view, list and delete Software

           - List all licenses linked to a software

           - Add, view, list, update, remove users for a software

           - Add, List and Remove Devices for a Software (Software Installations)

             Know more

  • Service catalog: Users can now perform bulk operations (such as Move category, Change Status, Change Visibility, Delete)  on service items. 

  • Workflow Automator: Users can now select the "Requested Item Field" option as an event node in workflows.

           - Users can now select the "Attachments" option as a condition node in workflows.

           - Users can also now select the “None” option for a condition node within workflow automator.

  • Software Asset Management: 

         - Export Installations of a Software: Users can now export the list of devices where the software is installed. Navigate to Assets -> Software -> Software Name -> Installations

         - Software List Page: The Software List page has been updated to show more details about the software including the user who is managing the software and the user count. 

      - Export Software: The software list can now be exported. The export will provide a CSV of all the software in the current view (Managed, Ignored, Blacklisted or All Software). 



         - Export Software installed in a Device: Users can now export a list of all the software installed in a device. Navigate to Assets -> Inventory -> Device Name -> Software

         - Export Users using a Software: You can now to export a list of all the users using a software. Navigate to Assets -> Software -> Software Name -> Users



Bug Fixes: 

  • Service catalog: Fixed an issue where the service item didn’t populate when users searched for the item in global search. 

  • Tickets: Fixed an issue where users were unable to select the filter me while setting up a custom ticket view.

  • Agent Dashboard: Fixed an issue where incorrect data was displayed while creating a custom dashboard widget which included the “Me” agent filter.

  • Sandbox: Fixed an issue where the sandbox sync failed for all workflows.

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That's a nice functionality add for the Service Catalog.  I'd like to recommend that the tabular view also be available as an option for Requesters.  The icon-based layout doesn't provide enough for the services's title/short description.  We have many services but struggle to name them so the user can choose the right one.  The mouse-over reveal of the full name doesn't work for everyone.

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Hey David,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely forward the request to the product team.


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