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Only allow replys from requester

We would like to only allow the original requester to be able to update the ticket.

Addidionaly, would like to completly disable the CC feature. Now we do not send mails to the people in CC by blocking them on our mailserver (which is not ideal)

We're having this situation:

We mark a ticket as resolved, after 2 days it will automaticly be marked as closed and cant be reopend.

When the requester replys to the ticket he gets an email stating he need to create a new ticket.

When someone else replys to the ticket (because the requester forwarded it) the sender doesnt recieve anyhting, the closed mail is send to the original requested.

I think a solution is to have the condition: Mail from; is not; requester. 

Or is there another way i can use to achieve this?

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