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Task-based Automations

Fixing certain Incidents, fulfilling certain Service Requests or carrying out certain Changes often require a fixed set of Tasks to be completed. While Task Management in Freshservice is great for breaking down work, it will be better with Automations.

Introducing Task-based Workflow Automations 

With Task-based Automations, Admins can configure rules

  • To create process workflows through Tasks for resolving Tickets and Problems or completing Changes and Releases
    • For e.g. Task-based Automations can be used to create a sequential workflow of Tasks that need to be completed for fulfilling a new laptop request
  • To route Tasks automatically based on configurable conditions
  • To notify Users on changes to the status of Tasks
  • To keep the parent Ticket/Problem/Change/Release fields updated based on Task events
  • And much more!


Task-based Automations will be available for Ticket, Problem, Change and Release Tasks.

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Can tasks be automatically created when a ticket changes status (e.g. Pending to Approved)? From your screenshots, the events item only shows Task Status is changed rather than ticket.

Hi Leigh,

That's possible from the Ticket Automators. You should be able to configure a Ticket Automator rule that listens to status changes and creates a Task. Once done, you should be able configure subsequent workflows involving the Task in Task automator configuration.



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