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Task-based Automations

Fixing certain Incidents, fulfilling certain Service Requests or carrying out certain Changes often require a fixed set of Tasks to be completed. While Task Management in Freshservice is great for breaking down work, it will be better with Automations.

Introducing Task-based Workflow Automations 

With Task-based Automations, Admins can configure rules

  • To create process workflows through Tasks for resolving Tickets and Problems or completing Changes and Releases
    • For e.g. Task-based Automations can be used to create a sequential workflow of Tasks that need to be completed for fulfilling a new laptop request
  • To route Tasks automatically based on configurable conditions
  • To notify Users on changes to the status of Tasks
  • To keep the parent Ticket/Problem/Change/Release fields updated based on Task events
  • And much more!


Task-based Automations will be available for Ticket, Problem, Change and Release Tasks.

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This is good news. As always, have you an idea of the timeline? Thanks

Hi Des,

It's still early days. We don't have an ETA yet. 

I'll keep this thread updated on the latest.



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A very good improvement to tasks.

Will task workflows be able to run in parallel with ticket workflows? I recall logging a ticket a while ago and the problem was that we couldn't have two ticket workflows triggered at for the same ticket.

I'm assuming they will be designed to to run in parallel but just wanted to check.

Hello Leigh,

Yes, Task workflows can run in parallel with Ticket workflows. You're right that two workflows cannot be triggered for the same ticket at the same time, and similarly two workflows cannot be triggered for the same task at the same time. However, Ticket workflows and Task workflows can execute in parallel.



Product @ Freshservice

Within the task automation, do you know if it will be possible to use ticket details to configure a task, say for example, when creating a task, setting the due by date based on a date set within a service request? So Event - Task Created, Condition - Ticket's Requested Item is Laptop, Action - Due By {{date you need the laptop by)).

Hi Tom,

Ability to set field values from placeholders dynamically is not something that will be available in the first cut of Task automations. We will eventually extend support for setting values dynamically in the action blocks, not just in Tasks, but across all Automators. For now, I'll add your request against that.

Thanks for your feedback.



Product @ Freshservice

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That's awesome to hear Sundar. We would love that functionality as well to set dates relative to a date field.


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