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New General Details fields for Service Items

We would like to see a few new fields added to the General Details section of service items. We use the description field to manually create a few "sections" applicable to both requesters and agents that would be nice to make permanent fields. The ability to hide/show these fields to agents/requestors/managers would be key:

  • request instructions - instructions on how to properly fill out the form below for the requested item
  • approval process - list the owner, approver(s) and creator(s) for the service item including any related instructions/documentation about the request/approval process works so requesters know exactly what will happen after the request is submitted
  • agent instructions - any instructions, typically hidden from the requestor form, that need to be provided to the agent(s) to fulfill this request such as next approval steps, etc.

Not only would this information be great to provide/collect for requestors/agents but our service items effectively would become good change management documentation to support our IT process as well. In addition to this it would be great if the General Details section was always expanded by default when a service item page is loaded so users don't have to further expand it to see this information.

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