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Purchase Order Management

As a Procurement Manager, we understand that the biggest hurdle you face while establishing a streamlined purchasing process, comes with the use of disparate tools that scatters your information in multiple places and don’t aid you to derive the insights you need, to be fully efficient. 

Referring multiple sources of information to raise a purchase order, updating spreadsheets manually to keep a track of asset utilisation, creating purchase orders in a different tool and struggling to keep a track of the received items in another, can only lead to process delays, confusions in auditing, under utilisation of your resources and inefficiencies in the process.

By introducing Purchase Order Management, we want to help you toss away the disparate tools and embrace an efficient solution to manage your entire asset life cycle from Procurement to Retirement, within Freshservice.

We are working on helping you achieve the following :

  1. Raise a Purchase Order after checking the asset utilisation 
  2. Quickly create a Purchase Order by leveraging the vendor catalog, location details and product/software catalog 
  3. Customise your PO form to capture additional information
  4. Download the PO in PDF format to send it to the vendor
  5. Route your purchase order through multiple stages of approval
  6. Track the Purchase Order through different stages of its fulfilment
  7. Notify your stakeholders about the different stages of purchase.
  8. Collate your vendor quotations, invoices and purchase orders in one place
  9. Associate the request that initiates the purchase order
  10. Keep a log of the changes made in the purchase order
  11. Keep a count of the items received / yet to be received and seamlessly onboard the items to the inventory
  12. Keep a track of the purchase order through which the assets were purchased
  13. View a list of all the purchases made in one place and be able to search, sort and filter them.
  14. Report on the purchases made, to be able to identify key areas of improvement.

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Great idea! Definitely functionality we will investigate further.

Two questions:

  • Expected ETA?
  • Will this work in MSP mode?

Which plans will this be available once it is live?

This is critically important to our use of the system. Had to develop a work-around in order to get sign-off on FreshService. Would love to be involved in any beta or discussion on this feature. 

Love how this looks so far a great addition and idea's on ETA?

Which plans will this be available for?
We would like to be apart of this beta

We would beta this as soon as it's available also; has anyone heard an eta? 

Any updates / beta possibilities on this? Thanks.

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Great to hear this and looking forward, This will be a great addition to system and reduce manual effort and approval process.

@All This feature will be available in MSP. We are targeting beta by end of April. I'll keep you all posted regarding the same.

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Any update on the beta, @Naganandhini?

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Can I get added to the beta for this please - and is there any update on when this is available?

Hoping for multi-currency support on this one

What will be the cost to add on to our current FreshService subscription?

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