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Allow multiple emails to be imported through probe.

Use case and reasoning: Some of our users may have many different emails because they work for multiple companies/domains we own. So a user may have user@company1.com and user@company2.com and they send and receive from both emails. In these instances, replying to tickets from multiple emails will generate a brand new ticket. Also some of our stores have third party email services that we mask as well, producing the same problem.


Proposal: Right now the probe pulls from the mail AD field to populate the user. However, Freshservice does allow multiple emails to be assigned to one requester, manually.

AD actually keeps all of the emails associated with the user in a list called proxyAddresses. labeled as: smtp:user@domain.com

I have tried creating a custom field mapping to import proxyAddresses but I suspect the probe cannot import a multi-valued string or the mail was not setup to allow multiple emails.

This would save us a lot of duplicate tickets, duplicate users, duplicate signup emails, and headache when it comes to users who reply or request from one of their alias's.

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