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Using TypeScript for FreshDesk apps

I'm working on an app for FreshDesk and would like to use some existing code that's written in TypeScript. I know that this works technically, but I'm curious about how it might impact app review; is it possible to use TypeScript if I include the source .ts files along side the transpiled version?


This is an Interesting ask.

Let me connect with App Reviews team to discuss on this and get back to you.

Yes, you can submit the app that's written in TypeScript.

Just make sure you have src/ - For .ts Code and app/ - transpiled code

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Thanks, Saif!

Does this also imply I should package it into a zip file manually, to make sure the src/ directory is included? Are there resources I should be sure to include?

Thanks again!

In case someone else runs into this, the standard fdk pack works fine: just make sure the directories are in the right place.

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