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AD Synch of department currently removes existing departments in FreshService

In FreshService we can have multiple departments associated with an individual.

This is useful for us so that we can pick up that individual on multiple queries (dashboards, reports).

We also have been forced to create a virtual department in FreshService for those individuals who are able to use the OnBoarding feature.

So, Fred is a team leader in "Software Engineering" and has the department "OnBoarding", has 2 departments.

When AD Synch works, if Fred moves to "Mechanical Engineering" then the Department field in AD overwrites both the FreshService departments.

It feels like we either need "Groups" to be more flexible so that we can populate specific individuals, as well as using the current rules


We need some additional logic in the AD synch to know which department to replace.  I can only think that each department entry would have to be marked as "synched with AD" so that the synching knew which department entry to replace.

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