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Unable to update due_by via API for Service Items

Is there a limitation or bug related to my inability to update a Service Item's due_by property via API?   Any way to do this w/o having to change it to an incident type (which does not work in our case).

using resource (PUT) /api/v2/tickets/1234

with JSON payload


    "due_by": "2020-01-12T21:28:08Z" 


throws a business rule error in the response payload

  "description": "Validation failed",
  "errors": [
      "field": "type",
      "message": "It should be one of these values: 'Incident'",
      "code": "invalid_value"


Hi Ryan,

Can you try using the v1 api here? 

v2 api is still in beta and we are gradually adding support for all operations on service requests

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