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Update Button Position

Most of our agents are finding it frustrating that one of the ticket update buttons has been moved from the bottom of the ticket properties pane.  It means scrolling back up to the top every time you make a change lower than half way.  If you use the mouse wheel there is a real danger of changing drop down selections etc.  There are now two update buttons very close to each other which seems superfluous. Thanks


We haven't changed UI of update button in ticket view page, I guess you may face this with some specific browser, I would suggest you to verify this with a different browser. Also, our support rep will reach out to you to find more details and we'll roll out immediate fix if UI breakage has been identified.

Hi, thanks for the response.  Can you clarify where the button should be by default?  It used to be (and still is occasionally now) at the top and the bottom of the ticket properties pane. At the moment we have two update buttons on the top of the pane on all major browsers.


I think that's where it's supposed to see. I occasionally see it where the second button has moved but not as often as you it would seem. Looks like there's a site wide bug. I'm using Google Chrome latest version,

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Hi Henry,

By the design of the UI, there is one update button each at the top and the bottom of the Ticket properties page.

The update button seems to be displayed before the properties are loaded, and one of them is removed from the bottom of the page and added at the top for your case.

We’ll create a support ticket and will reach out to you and collect further details on the same.



Hi Henry,

Our Engineering team has identified this as a bug and have taken it up. We will keep you posted with updates on the ticket thread.



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