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Release Notes - 03 January 2020

Product Enhancements

  • Agent Groups: Agents who require access to supervise tasks or gain information can be added as Observers and contribute to the group’s purpose without disrupting the activities of the group’s core Members. This way, only Members can be assigned tickets and take part in the Round Robin ticket assignment. Learn more.

  • Lookup Fields: Admins can add a lookup field to a service item form and create forms which document different field types (locations, assets, reviewers or approvers) by referencing existing data within their service desk. Learn more.

  • Workflow Automator:
    • The Event, Condition, and Action pop-up windows will now appear from the right, as a side-pane window for enhanced user experience.
    • Current Date and Time, Reporting Manager, and Department Head can be added as placeholders while creating workflows using the Workflow Automator.
    • Agents can now define the Reporting Manager and Department Head while adding Conditions across all types of workflows to eliminate redundancies and failures during approval processes. 
    • Agents can set up a ticket source while adding Actions and configure Events depending on the updates made to the ticket source.
    • When creating workflows, Webhook Actions can now be tested and tried before actually triggering them and activating the workflow.

  • Scenario Automation: Agents can now run Scenario Automations on multiple tickets (in bulk) from the Tickets list page. Learn more.

  • Activation Emails: 
    • Account activation emails that get sent to agents when creating a Sandbox account are being kept in check and have now been disabled. 
    • User activation emails that get sent when importing assets have also been disabled.

  • Placeholders: Users can now add a "Requester Location" placeholder text in Canned Responses, Email Notifications, and Workflow Automator Emails.

  • Service Catalog: 
    • Introducing a Tabular View for the Service Items list page. This view makes it easy to quickly spot the Item Name, Category Name, Usage Type, Status, and if the item is bundled or not.
    • Users can view and reorder the "All Service Items" folder option in the left pane from the Service Items list page.
    • Admins can add URL Custom Fields while creating Service Catalog Items.

  • Software Asset Management: 
    • Agents can now delete unused or unwanted software applications from the Software Details page. (Note: If the software is rediscovered by the Discovery Agent after deletion, the software will get added again in Freshservice.)
    • Software Asset Managers can manually create and add new software such as SaaS applications and track their usage and license expiry.

  • Ticket Details Page: The Requester Info will now include information regarding the Reporting Manager.

  • Form Fields: Introducing Placeholder text and Help text for Change Form Fields.

  • Agent Profile: The Agent Profile page will now include details such as Tickets Assigned to the agent and Tickets Requested by the agent (agents can also be requesters).

  • Ticket Forms: The number of dropdowns that can be associated with Dynamic Sections in Ticket Forms has been increased from two to five.

  • Microsoft Intune App Integration: Users can now sync the mobile devices and desktops they manage in Intune to Freshservice. This helps users manage all their assets from one place and also track them through the assets’ life cycle. Learn more.
    (Note: Devices discovered through this integration will not be included in the Managed Assets count.)

  • Asset Tags: Introducing the option to modify the prefix text in Asset tags which was previously automatically generated for all assets in Freshservice. Admins can now change the prefix text (ASSET-1) to a format that matches their organization’s terminology (Acme-1).

  • Other enhancements: Work items moved to Trash can now be emptied completely with the Delete Forever option. This is available across the Problems, Changes, and Releases Module.

Bug Fixes

  • Dashboard: The Dashboard Widget for Agent Availability showing incorrect data has now been fixed.

  • Jira Integration: When the status is changed in Jira by an Agent, the activities log in Freshservice shows that the status is changed by a Requester. This has been fixed.

  • Service Requests: Duplicate tickets were created when a service request was raised through the agent portal. This has been fixed.

UI/UX Design Enhancements

We’ve created Accessibility Compliant Components in Design System Management (DSM) for Freshservice. This design system is focused on a human-centred design approach. Including accessibility as a factor in our design approach will help us let people of visual ability to use our product. For this purpose, we’ve followed a thoughtfully defined palette of colors consistently.

Purpose of Change: 

  1. Improve design consistency across the product.

  2. The colors have been chosen with aesthetics, usability, and product accessibility in mind.

  3. Improve Contrast and Legibility which means Text and other meaningful information can be easily distinguished and read by users of the system.

  4. Visually improve Keyboard focus color on the components of the form.

  5. Better visual hierarchy means less cognitive load for the user.

Specific Changes:

  1. Primary, Secondary, and Hyperlink colors have changed to accessible colors.

  2. Standardized the Breadcrumbs to make users aware of their current location within the hierarchical structure of a product.

  3. Changed all form components to an accessible component:

    • Input field, select box, checkbox, radio button. 

    • Increased the color contrast of focus color for all components.

  4. Call to Action button style has been changed (Flat color to Gradient).

  5. Changed the typography - Standardized the font size, colors to increase the readability.

  6. Standardized the iconography to maintain consistency across products.

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Still disappointed that Observer is only on Forrest Plan.

Most other ticketing systems have much better permission sets for agents/staff as a basic function of their program.

The decision not to include basic rules on who can see but not act on an agent group is particularly disturbing in an industry where security is the #1 concern.

The current role-based permission in Fresh Service are quite sadly sub-par

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Hi there, 

Nice and very useful improvements.

It would be great to offer Service Catalog - Tabular view capability for requesters on the user portal as well with the ability to personalize the view.



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Hello Andrew, 

Thank you for writing to us.
We understand the challenges you're facing. Your feedback is valuable to us and we'll take this into consideration. 

Kind regards, 

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