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App developer support doesn't exist? Take care

Dear Developers,

we have submitted our first paid app in June 2019, to see if the platform is performing well.  Yes, it was! The app is being installed and used yet it was just an MVP. Apart from some technical issues, that could be resolved, the platform does not work as a business at all for us. 

  • We haven't received a single payout form Freshdev! 

  • We were trying to reach our contacts and support but the issue with the payout was ignored. Even after speaking in person to Marketplace - Program Manager  the issue is still there after 140 days.  
  • They were pushing to publish the next versions of our apps but were ignoring our issue with payouts. 
  • We can't remove our app from marketplace - there is not such an option, and support doesn't reply.
  • Finally, our dev account is being suspended and now we can't log in into the developer portal to update our app to add new features or resolve issues.

Are we "lucky", or how do you resolve the issues like that? 

Hi Anthony

I am from the partnerships team. Regret the inconvenience caused here. Your account has been extended now and it should work. Will ensure continuous support to you. 

I am sending a separate email regarding your payouts. I hope to sort outstanding issues asap.



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We have recently launched forum for Freshworks developer community (https://community.developers.freshworks.com). We encourage all the developers to discuss queries, ambiguities, know-hows, and points of interest with fellow app developers and Freshworks’ engineers on the forum.  We will involve the stakeholders directly on the forum topic to help you get your answers quicker.

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